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Quality, design, and innovation in sanitary fixtures

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Kerasan takes prinde in being one of the first companies in the ceramics base in Civita Castellana (VT).
It was founded in 1960 and specializes in the manufacture of sophisticated ceramic sanitary
fixtures. The company can now be found in the main international markets, offering complete bathroom collections of furnishings, accessories, and fittings.

For over 50 years, Kerasan has been producing high-quality products, meeting the highest of market requirements. However, its main motivation stems from the growing passion to produce the most sophisticated sanitary fixtures, appreciated around the world and perfectly suit every single person and involved connoisseur. This is the mission that has always driven and continues to drive the company forward, towards the future.

Kerasan Sanitary ware producersKerasan Factory

At their modern industrial facility, covering approximately 14,000 m2, Kerasan carefully takes care of every stage of manufacturing internally, from product concept to design and construction. All of this is made possible by a well-designed system, which has the capacity to manufacture up to 1,000 ceramic items per day. Moreover, an advanced modeling department uses cutting-edge software to reduce timescales and to streamline the processes of prototyping and mold generation.

The quality of every product is reflected in a well put-together process, starting from the selection of raw materials, which are analyzed in order to spot and remove impurities directly in-house, before the clay is prepared. Most sophisticated ceramic sanitary fixtures are made of vitreous china, whereas fire clay (although subject to shrinkage in the kiln) is used for shower bases or large items.
The details proving the company’s quest for quality include in-house WC pan enameling (siphon, outer rim) and a complex system of final tests to perform load tests on hanging fixtures, washbasins and the flushing ability of every WC pan.

Kerasan Tribeca Washbasins

Made by Kerasan = Made in Italy

Kerasan invests and manufactures only in Italy, where every product is conceived, designed and produced in order to ensure unrivaled excellence. This manufacturing philosophy combines traditional know-how with the latest technologies in the industry. Ceramics are the true star of the show here, generating as they do infinite solutions for a world of designer bathrooms, standing out due to their functionality and exclusivity.

Kerasan ArtworkKerasan Artwork

Quality and traceability are always under control

The quality and safety of the production process and customer services is an integral and essential part of Kerasan’s internal processes. Every product thus guarantees reliability and durability, with zero compromise on great looks and functionality.

And how does Kerasan creates unique and safe products?
By selecting the purest raw materials, accurate and rigorous prototyping, the strictest internal quality controls, the use of cutting-edge technologies and complete management of the entire production process.

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Technology has become sustainable.

Sustainability is a vital concept for today’s technology. This is why Kerasan has designed an innovative solution for all its collections, to reduce wastewater: a 4.5-liter flushing system, to ensure substantial water savings at every use.

For over 50 years, quality, design and innovation have been the main standpoints on which Kerasan builds its products. Whether your needs are more practical or focused on aesthetics, the brand is guaranteed to meet them, by offering a wide range of exceptional collections.