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When design is more than a beautiful shape

Tres Griferia top quality tapware

TRES GRIFERÍA is a family-run company with a background of more than 40 years in manufacturing and marketing of top quality tapware for bathrooms and kitchens, hydromassage columns and bathroom accessories. With subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal and its main factory located in Vallirana, Barcelona, TRES GRIFERÍA produces more than 3,000 tapware models and is one of the leading companies in Europe. Its objective is very clear: service, quality, and price.

All manufacturing is done under one roof, in modern facilities suited to ensure a consistent quality and control over the whole process of manufacturing. What is more, the management system guarantees perfect deliveries, minimizing client stocks and granting high-quality products for the highest customer comfort.

The entire TRES range meets the needs of even the most demanding consumer. Style and comfort, along with state-of-the-art technology, are its top priorities, making it the optimal solution for new trends in kitchens and bathrooms.

The wide range and high quality of TRES products have led the brand to expand around the world. Subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Poland are the result of many years of commitment to quality products and service at a very competitive price.

Tres Griferia Shower TechnologyTres Griferia Monoclasic

Continuous improvements to facilities, manufacturing processes and technology have made the TRES brand one of the leading spanish companies in manufacturing and marketing of these products. The large, modern facilities TRES has set up in Vallirana, Barcelona are the testimony to the brand’s ongoing evolution, increasing efficiency, service, and quality throughout its wide product range.